Hair care at this time

Hair care at this time

Hair care at this time

Winter is yet to come. The heat will be felt for a few more days.

Winter is yet to come. The heat will be felt for a few more days. But from this time the skin will become dry and cracked, the hair will become rough and lifeless. Now you have to deal with both sun and dust when you go outside. Again, due to the heat, the scalp also sweats. Hair becomes damp, dirt quickly accumulates in it. Daily pollution and neglect make hair lifeless. Apart from this, there are hair loss and hair loss that are inevitable in winter. It is very important to keep the hair clean to avoid such a thousand problems. There is no substitute for regular hair care. And there is no new optimal claim for this care, the long-standing methods have to be followed.

Almost everyone gets dandruff in winter. Therefore, it is important to massage warm oil on the scalp before shampooing to get rid of dandruff in the beginning of summer. Oil and lemon juice are very helpful in removing dandruff. But you can use honey with oil and lemon juice for rough hair. It is a very good way to avoid dandruff.

. There is no substitute for hot oil massage to reach the hair roots. And since at this time, it is necessary to shampoo every day or two, it is normal for hair to become rough if oil is not applied. So warm the oil and massage it on your head every night or an hour before shampooing.


You can massage the skin by mixing amlaki juice with oil to get rid of rough hair dandruff. It strengthens the hair roots and promotes new hair growth.

Wet hair is more prone to dust accumulation. So dry your wet hair with a fan as soon as possible before going out. However, it is better not to use hair dryer for this purpose.

. You can use different types of packs to protect your hair from the sun and dust in summer. Mix sour curd, amlaki paste, aloe vera, egg yolk and honey together. Apply to the entire hair and massage for 5 minutes, wear a shower cap and keep it for half an hour. Then wash your hair with mild shampoo and cold water.

Try to keep dust and dirt in your hair. Cover your hair as much as possible when going out. Use a hat or scarf on your head if necessary.

Lustrous hair is a reflection of good health. For this it is very important to take physical care. Moderate and healthy food, drink enough water. Good sleep is essential for healthy hair. Work should also be moderate. Do not take too much stress. Apart from this, yoga, meditation also helps in maintaining good hair. The most important thing is to remain mentally stable. At the same time, cleanliness is very important. And keep your hair clean regularly. Then you don’t have to worry about hair.


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