Make rose face pack at home

Make rose face pack at home

Home remedies are enough to get skin glow back in less time. You can make an effective face pack with rose petals and a few ingredients at home. And if you use it, the skin will be shiny. Some of these ingredients contain fatty acids, which moisturize the skin; Some contain vitamin E. This face pack will protect the skin from the harmful violet rays of the sun.


Oatmeal Rose Facepack

Ingredients: Rolled oats half a cup, dry rose petals six cups and rose water 3 tablespoons.

How to make: Mix rose petals with oats and grind them in a grinder. Increase the speed of the grinder and grind the powder in such a way that it mixes well. Now take required amount of powder from this mixture and mix it with rose water. There is an opportunity to make rose water more or less. Take as much as you need to make it slightly sticky. Oatmeal Rose Face Pack is ready.

How to use:

Wet face and neck skin with water and wipe. Apply the prepared face pack as needed and wait for 10 minutes. Wash off when dry.


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