How many days a week will I oil the hair?

How many days a week will I oil the hair?

How many days a week will I oil the hair?

Hair has a lot to do with skin. When the skin is dry, so is the hair. If the skin is oily, it also affects the hair. But whatever the hair type is, oil must be applied if you want to protect it. How many days in a week, how to use this short text.

People with dry skin have thinner hair than those with oily skin. No matter the hair, oil should be applied at least two to three times a week. Otherwise, dandruff will increase, hair will fall, it will become rough. Apart from this, you will get better results if you apply oil to your hair before shampooing. Because then the dirt comes out from inside the scalp.

Applying the oil on the head for 30 minutes before bathing is sufficient. Massage a little at this time. Blood circulation will increase. Combing with a coarse tooth comb will also get benefits.

After applying the oil, if you want, you can squeeze a thick towel in hot water and keep it on your head for a while. The hot steam will help unclog the pores. The dirt inside will come out and the nutrients of the oil can enter. For those with dry hair, apply oil three to four days a week. You can mix

fenugreekĀ  with oil if you want. Fenugreek will reduce hair dryness. Be sure to use conditioner after shampooing dry hair. Hair will be soft.

If dandruff increases in oily hair, you can mix lemon with oil. Take four tablespoons of oil and mix one tablespoon of lemon juice. You can heat the oil slightly. You can mix amalaki’sĀ  juice with oil to reduce hair fall. In addition to doing these, drink plenty of water.


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